Vintage kop en schotels

Vintage cups and saucers

One of my most favorite vintage items are vintage cups and saucers. And I think British porcelain in particular is beautiful.

Rent and buy vintage tableware

There is something magical about drinking tea from a fragile, hand-painted and refined porcelain cup made of pure white ceramic with beautiful colors and a gold edge.

Vintage cup and saucer marks

England is a tea-drinking country par excellence, where tea has been consumed for centuries. The nobility used refined porcelain cups and teapots to drink the precious tea. They were showpieces and only reserved for the elite. For this reason that drinking tea is so popular in England, you see a huge amount of porcelain factories and brands. At De Wereld van Kant you can buy and rent vintage tableware for your High Tea. Below you can read more information about these well-known brands of vintage porcelain:

Royal Albert tableware

The English Royal Albert tableware is an icon of elegance and refinement, founded in 1904 in Staffordshire, England, but can be traced back to The Albert Works which was founded in 1896. The brand owes its name to Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria , and quickly became synonymous with royal allure and timeless beauty. Royal Albert is known for its distinctive floral motifs and delicate designs, which reflect the romantic aesthetic of the Victorian era. It is still the most beloved British tableware.

The tableware is prized worldwide for its fine porcelain and artisan craftsmanship, and is loved by collectors and enthusiasts of fine tableware. Royal Albert's collections include a range of items from traditional tea sets to modern dinner sets, each handcrafted with an eye for detail and elegance.

View the Royal Albert tableware collection here .

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