Hoe duurzaam is De wereld van Kant?

How sustainable is De wereld van Kant?

At De wereld van Kant I mainly sell second-hand products that I find at thrift stores, markets, French brocantes and from private individuals. You can't have it more sustainable.

De wereld van Kant is a sustainable company

Because I trade in second-hand products, you can be sure that you are buying a sustainable product. Instead of being thrown away, products are given a second (or perhaps tenth) life.

We live in a throwaway society in which companies like Aliexpress, Temu and Action make mega profits because consumers cannot resist products with extremely low prices. We buy and we buy. However, we do not yet fully understand that all these products are of low quality, break quickly and need to be replaced. So we are all trapped in a negative cycle of consuming and throwing away. In addition, most products are still made of plastic, which often ends up in nature, with all its consequences.

We should stop consuming and have products repaired more often or passed on to the next person. Maybe you don't want it anymore, but you can make someone else happy with it.

In De wereld van Kant I want to give objects a new life.

sustainable packaging The world of Kant

Sustainable packaging

I only use sustainable and recycled packaging materials. In most cases I use paper. In some cases, for example, a porcelain vase must be packed extremely protectively, for which I use recycled plastic. So I don't purchase new plastic for this.

The tape to close boxes is also made of craft paper and not plastic. In addition, all business cards and other brand materials are also made of sustainable paper.

In this way I try to contribute to the climate and prevent waste.

Reusing sustainable vintage products The world of Kant


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