Oeps, er gaat iets kapot

Oh no, something broke

You have organized a wonderful party, rented beautiful tableware and suddenly... you drop a vintage cup. Broken!!!

I know exactly how you feel, it's happened to me before. The products I rent are simply vulnerable. Made of high quality porcelain or crystal . This can sometimes break. Of course you have the best intentions and you don't want anything to break, I completely assume that.

Rent vintage tableware The world of Lace

What do you do when something breaks?

Notify me if something breaks. I will then see what the value of the product is. This is because some products are more difficult to replace than other products. Send me an email or call me to let me know.

I may deduct the value of the product from the deposit. I will of course inform you of this.

Rent vintage tableware The world of Lace


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