Collection: Stamps Dutch Heraldry (1924)

In 1924, the Dutch brand Koffie Hag started issuing stamps with coats of arms of provinces and municipalities. Later they also issued stamps about noble families. The publishing of these pictures was previously done in Germany by Kaffee Hag and expanded to other countries in Europe. While only two tires were released in the Netherlands, 10 types were released in Germany.

People could collect these stamps in different types of bindings. The stamps I sell come from a luxury collector's book from 1924. This makes it one of the first editions in the Netherlands.

The stamps are on a paper sheet of 16x22.5 cm.
You can choose to buy the sheets separately or in a white or black passe-partout of 24x30cm (standard size). Both passe-partouts have a white inner edge.

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